A video from Week 2 of the bootcamp.
Lecture: Macro-level Shifts and the State of the World

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We simply wouldn’t want to use a service that could disappear tomorrow, or worse, shoves ads in your face, or disrespects your content,
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The other day, talflanchraych asked me why I didn’t have a newsletter. I told her that I had found the exercise to have been more time consuming than valuable.

It’s actually a bit more complicated.

I started my newsletter in Spring of 2008. I had a couple hundred people on my email…

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  1. follow the instructions. make sure it works the way the author intended first. arrive at a working state. this is usually not trivial.
  2. study its structure. change something small that is a step towards making the thing you are after.
  3. test to see if it still works.
  4. if it does, keep your change. if it does not, undo it to return to a working state.
  5. repeat from step 2 until you either give up or arrive at the thing you were after.
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When you aren’t sure and want to step back, go HAM.