Update PAF

I created a new home page for public art found. I’ve accumulated over 120,000 images in the last few days and want to start resurfacing them in meaningful ways.

Thinking about the future, I have created the potential for having ads. I took ads off another website and plopped them on. I think they look good, without taking away from the existing content. This is definitely a future direction.

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Under 1 minute pitch

There is a boom in the number of amateur street art and graffiti photographers. On Instagram alone, there are over 30 thousand street art photos shared everyday. PublicArtfound is the best place to give those image meaning. We are the only place a photographer goes to share their street art photos, identify artists, and document important facts about their images. We provide a way for artists to showcase their street art projects. Public Artfound wants to capture the attention of street art, public art installation, and graffiti lovers by leveraging their existing loyal communities to help document their work. We recognize that street artists are great brand developers, but bad community engagers. Public Artfound knows that we can turn the attention on street artists into brand partnerships, advertisement revenue, and 100 million monthly active user community. Public Artfound is capturing the attention of trend setters, bloggers, artists, and brands. We are looking to take intelligent next steps to best leverage our existing momentum and attention.


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grown up moment

I think I had my first “I’m a grown up” moment.

When I was younger, my mom would take me with her to go shopping. We would always go to Japanese super markets. I would naturally gravitate toward the well engineered aisle for kids. I’d play with the toys and candy, until we were ready to leave. I was never able to convince my mom to buy me the junk food I wanted.

Today, I went to a Japanese super market and bought some groceries I couldn’t find anywhere else. I saw all the sweets that I used to enjoy and want to buy. I left and realized, “wait a minute, I’m a fucking grown up. I can buy all the sweets!”.

Life is awesome.

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Proof-of-concept interface design project from MIT Tangible Media Group demonstrates a system combining the use of a smartphone with a desktop computer - video embedded below:

THAW is a novel interaction system that allows a collocated large display and small handheld devices to seamlessly work together. The smartphone acts both as a physical interface and as an additional graphics layer for near-surface interaction on a computer screen. Our system enables accurate position tracking of a smartphone placed on or over any screen by displaying a 2D color pattern that is captured using the smartphone’s back-facing camera. The proposed technique can be implemented on existing devices without the need for additional hardware.


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Made for @okayseee

Made for @okayseee

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Final slide

Final slide

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Our class is informally joyful : )




We took group photos! (The first batch of Orbital bootcamp students after their public talks on Lessons Learned this week)

We’re missing a few of the students and team members. Congrats and thank you to everyone for being such a great group to work with.

The first orbital bootcamp classes. Good looking group! #lessonslearned

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We do not learn from experience… we learn from reflecting on experience.
John Dewey
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Next phase of Public Artfound is in action.

Up until now, I struggled with the “empty party” syndrome. I was building a community for content sharing and storing, but didn’t have any content. As a result, I was trying to attract an audience without any reason for them to take Public Artfound.

The value created from the twitter bot I created made me realize I needed to do something with it. I was creating a lot of value for observers but unable to capture much of it for myself.

Since I recognized the IFTTT stream is useful to a wide public audience, I decided to build out my own IFTTT functionality. Instead of using IFTTT to move pictures from Instagram to Twitter, I am pulling them into the Public Artfound.

This solves two major problems I had in past experiments. First, I can curate. Second, I can attract users.

Based on controlling the stream of images, I will be able to throttle the frequency of posts put on Twitter. Before, I depended on IFTTT and didn’t have any control of the content. As a result, the current bot functionality overwhelms many user’s timelines.

The ability to leverage the exposure opportunity from Twitter is important. Until now, I have been receiving 30-100 daily favorites/replies/retweets on twitter. The majority of users are surfacing through search queries related to street art or graffiti. These users are not going to follow my account through twitter, but are likely to click a link with a photo.

The real value here is targeting Google. I’m leverage the images to capture the long tail of Google search traffic for small and mid tier graffiti artists. I’m going to be attempting to present the images in individual web pages. Using the existing tags and geo data, I will generate content to gain Google’s attention. This is a unknown field for me.

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