"King Robbo" passed away today

King Robbo was known for having the longest running graffiti piece in London (from 1985 to 2009). His career rose to the popular media after an incident with Banksy. He passed away today.


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How should I populate my content?

Ive been working through publicartfound and struggling to pinpoint the way I want to display content. I feel like the problem Im trying to solve is not unique, but I can’t seem to find an example that I like. Im manually adding entries into the website, but this is not the scalable option.

I dont know how to best populate the site and I dont know how I want to display what is on the site.

I have the problem of having a lot of generic graffiti images that need to be tagged. The content itself is rich, but for it to be useful to others, it needs to searched and faceted. Ive considered various approaches to releasing a set amount of content at a consistent interval and letting people vote on the highest quality content. Ive also considered making a “game” out of identifying the artist in a picture. Neither of them feel right.

I want to be able to display a homepage of the most relevant content to a user, based on the location or style of the content. If you knew the style preferences of the user, then you could display that content as the landing page. The content in a facebook newsfeed or a tumblr dashboard uses people’s network to accomplish this. Other services may pull a user’s IP address or user input to do this.

I also like the ability to have a “most popular” based content page. People would engage with the content if it is known to be the “highest” quality selections that the service has to offer. I see this frequently with Kickstarter, AirBnb, and various service offerings.

For now, I have a ton of pictures that aren’t well tagged. If I want to use them, I need to figure out a way to effectively display them.

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Update: publicartfound.com

I decided to take my project to the same name as my twitter account. I think this is a good name for what I want to accomplish. I bought publicartfound.com to continue this.

Im at 357 github commits and counting.

I built out some major features today:

  • The user ‘activity feed’ is up. This is a feed that shows a users contributions on the site. For example, if they submit a post or make an addition/edit to an exiting post, they will have a record.
  • Users can also now comment. This will be a contribute function, but for now, the ability to add text on the site is important.
  • I re-added the “graffiti” or “piece” feature. I initially took out the ability to have a page on a single piece of art. I thought it was unnecessary with the focus on locations and artists. After the debacle with the “white flag” on the brooklyn bridge, I thought it was too good of a story to pass up. This feature could be used to track a press worthy piece, so people can discuss and share the various points around this.
  • I integrated a instagram feed for “location” pages. The feed is a way to showcase the types of paintings that are currently coming out of the area. The feed’s last picture is an image that goes to a follow page for the @publicartfound twitter account.

This have a long way to go in regards to style and design. This is not a problem for me. I want to get the function out of the way before I get too caught up in the details.

Post note: I wrote this 5 days ago and placed it in the Queue. I didnt realize it took so long to process. Since then, Im at 421 commits and counting.

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My commit punchcard for PublicArtFound. Majority of my work happens between 8pm - 1am && 5am - 9am.

My commit punchcard for PublicArtFound. Majority of my work happens between 8pm - 1am && 5am - 9am.

Q: Are you focusing on revenue at all? What’s your business model? A: Not until we become one of the ten biggest websites. Right now, we’re the 93rd biggest website. When we’re in the ten biggest websites, we’ll worry about revenue. Eventually we want Nike to pay $20 million to have its own verified account. And they explain the Nike references in songs. And they pay us to feature it. The other idea we have is Enterprise Genius—to build closed versions of Rap Genius for the CIA to use, for Procter & Gamble to use. Then the most important thing that’s going to happen in the site’s life is about a year away. It’s when you can do annotations on other websites. You go to the New York Times and you can annotate any line, and it’s powered by Rap Genius.
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Protip: Start making a list of all the people you talk to about your project, so you can follow up and periodically keep them on-board
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